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Why use a YouTube proxy

You might want to use a YouTube web proxy when you are blocked from using YouTube, a web proxy will help you unblock YouTube. A YouTube web proxy will also ensure you can browse anonymously and your activities aren't tracked.

How Does Web Proxy Work?

A Web Proxy has its own IP address, which acts as the intermediary between the user and the internet. Once the user requests information online, the request is routed via a web proxy, the web proxy retrieves the information from the targeted website, then sends it to the user. This way the user's local IP address is masked.

Why Do You Need a Web Proxy?

For an average user, a web proxy helps to access the restricted content behind geoblocking in websites and streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. This is carried out without compromising the internet connectivity speed. With Proxyium, you can surf restricted websites without annoying ads and other constraints. Simply paste the URL or type the website name and you will be directed to the website home page. It's that quick and simple. 

The second aspect of the need for web proxy is to improve network performance. For example, let us say that you visited an XYZ website in the morning. The web proxy saves the data from the webpage temporarily, so when you visit it again in early noon, it actually serves you a copy of the webpage and reduces the latency.


  • Is Proxyium’s web proxy free?

    It is absolutely free and supports modern websites like YouTube, Twitter, and Google. You just need to paste the link and you are good to go.

  • What does a web proxy do?

    Aweb proxy acts as an intermediary between the user and the internet. Taking a request from the user to the targeted website,  receiving the response, and routing it back to the user. 

  • When is the best time to use a web proxy?

    Based on your needs. If you don't want to install software on your local computer, with the help of a web proxy, you can simply type in the website address and get the result.

  • Does a web proxy affect internet performance?

    No, a web proxy uses cache memory, which stores the data temporarily about the webpage you visited. If you want to visit that webpage again, the web proxy provides you with a copy of the webpage, which reduces the latency.